Arh. Cami; MILINCU rotund

Camil Milincu


The first question from the invitation I find to be the most important: how do you present yourself to those which do not know you. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear answer yet.

I have this problem for sometime now. My primary school teacher noticed that I draw nicely. So just like that, I ended up at the Young Pioneer Palace. I had the chance to have a graphics teacher who was special. Then followed a period of “military”, exhibitions and, by all means, preparing for the admission to architecture … even if I was in the 4th grade.

I pass by the door of the ship modelling studio and something happens. There is tool noise. It smells like pine shavings, glue and paint. I sign up. I am frequently late from graphics class. They find me, taken by the ears and led to still life class. This oscillation holds until high school, at which point, slowly, I am forced to give up one of the activities. Beside the showcase of models, all I have left is the fret saw and a Russian jointer plane. Primitive, hard to adjust, but it is the only jointer plane I used.

University. Models. The jointer plane comes out of the showcase once again. Pine shavings again…

I graduate my studies. I redesign my own apartment / studio. I inherit two pieces of furniture which must be integrated in the arrangement. I read a lot about the way in which they were made, including the tools that were used. I plan to make the wooden elements myself. After I struggle with the tools I have, I decide that it is time to buy a new jointer plane, this time a replica make “in the west”.


I sharpen the blade, plane a slat. DIFFERENT pine shavings… The oscillation between drawing, architecture and wood work starts once again. At first, carpentry is the way I relax after a day of notices, regulatory documents and too little drawing. At the end of one day which all that remains is a new date attached to a file, it is the only way I feel I am doing something.

The way I draw is changing. I start to use another kind of proportions, I start to use free curves. I take out the drawing board and I draw pieces of furniture scale 1:1. I look at my initial CAD drawings and I realise I won something.

All that remains is the first question: how do I present myself. Architect or carpenter. I do not want to be bound to choose. I am an architect and a carpenter at the same time.