06Aug 2014

“Entrepreneurship is the process of recognizing opportunities and obtaining resources that leads to the creation of novelty”


S_FESTIN is the concluding event of theSTART category of a_ta 2014 and follows right after “Profession minus architecture”. Conceived as a participative process, it consists of a ROUND TABLE anda FEAST in immediate succession.

The aim of the event is to generate debates on important topics detached (or not) from the architectural object. These subjects are fairly important for the profession but discussions on them, while frequent in other professions or other creative industries, are rare and disorganized in architecture.

The ROUNDTABLE will bring together architects from Timişoara and from other cities in Romania, to dialogue openly about architectural offices. The discussion, moderated by arch. Adrian Soare (SYAA), will take into account subjects such as entrepreneurial strategies, communication, inter-professional relationships, collaborations with other professions, administration of an architectural office, architectural startup biographies, office identity, client oriented strategies etc. – these and many more will be publicly debated and can be the pretext for your questions.

The FEAST will end the evening and will generate the opportunity for informal talks between the audience, lecturers and participants on the topics raised at the round table.

06Aug 2014

a_ta 2014, themed present!, includes events structured in 4 major categories based on their respective target audience: EDUCATION, START, PROFESSION and STREET. The event entitled Profession minus architecture is part of the START category and is dedicated to young architects seeking to start their careers, as well as to all those interested in entrepreneurship and management in architecture.

The main objective of this series of conferences is to draw attention on how important good management is in the economy of an architectural practice. By presenting three specific case studies (three speakers, three architectural offices of varying scales: S- small, M- medium, L- large) we hope to emphasize the managerial issues derived from the different scales of the practices in question.

Topics such as marketing and communication strategies, inter-professional relationships, types of collaboration and the actual administration of an architectural practice are just a few of the subjects you are invited to follow during these conferences.

The event will take place Friday, on October 10th and will consist of the three presentations (S,M,L) followed by a discussion with the public on the topics proposed by the speakers. In the evening, you are invited to participate at the START – FEAST event, a literal feast during which the discussions initiated at the conferences will be reiterated in a less formal, more relaxed atmosphere.

For any other questions or further details about the event, you can contact us by e-mail on