Dudu Radoslav

Dudu Radoslav

AnonimTM/ Made in TM


  • How would you introduce yourself to strangers?

Dudu Radoslav, architect, dj, radio host, promoter, skateboard aficionado.

  • What made you choose architecture as a profession?

There was no actual moment, I think it was more the circumstance. Probably sometime in high school. I come from a family of draftsmen with tradition, and even if it seems strange, that’s not the only thing that made me study architecture. I think my group of friends from high school, a downright “legendary” group, whose members make up the foundation of today’s underground culture in Timişoara (which was based in Rozelor Park in 1992), also had an influence in the choice. Among them there were a few architects who were passionate about alternative activities.

  • How has architecture influenced you personal development?

I think I am the same person I was before being an architect. At least I hope.

  • How would you describe your alternative activity to people unfamiliar with it?

I help make things move, at first glance, in a field with musical relevancies. But explained, more broadly, I try to help the environment and society in which we live become a more enjoyable living environment for everyone. On the other hand, the one of the dj, I put music on for some especially interested people or for some who just want to have fun. This means I mix on the spot, other people’s existing pieces of music, in a unique way, so that people would feel good, consciously or unconsciously. I type of architecture actualy.

  • How has the transition from architecture to your alternative activity occurred?

I used to make music way before I went to university. Architecture is my job, which I do very seriously and I feel I’m good in what I do. The other part of me, even if it concerns a different field, it’s not different at the base: the same understanding of the world and the society in which we live is needed, the same vision and the same dedication.

  • How do the two activities influence each other?

They complement each other, and could not work separately, at least not for me, one is the other’s valve. As time goes on, I realize how similar all of these activities I get involved in are. On the other hand, I always search for new projects to start.

  • To what degree are you present in each of the activities?

This is funny. Unlike all my colleagues from the faculty of architecture, I was never able to work nights. (I am a guy which wakes up early). Maybe that’s why I had time to work by day when I feel best, and to mix music by night, when other feel good.