The Timiş branch of OAR (the Romanian Order of Architects) has the pleasure of inviting you to participate at the first edition of the architectural essay competition a_ta 2014. The competition, launched for the first time this year, is opened to anyone interested in architectural theory and its manifestations in the local architectural landscape.

Through this initiative the 2014 edition of a_ta, themed “present!”, aims to stimulate and acknowledge the theoretic discourse in architecture and, in doing so, to facilitate a different type of presence than a strictly material one, customary to architecture. The competition’s subject – a critical approach of the relationship between architecture and the economic, political, social, cultural etc. present which contains it – is derived from the necessity to investigate and reconsider architecture’s temporal dimension as a result of the contemporary shift of the architectural character from a producer of objects to a manager of processes.

Students, art/architecture critics, professors, philosophers, theorists, sociologists, architects, urbanists, designers etc. are invited to submit a critical essay on the proposed subject. The award, 2000 lei, will be conferred at the a_ta 2014 gala, in December.

The jury is comprised of 3 members: conf. dr. arh. Francoise Pamfil, prof. dr. arh. Ana Maria Zahariade, prof. dr. arh. Ioan Andreescu.

Competition timeline:

- launch: August 1st

- Q&A: August 1st – August 31st

(questions will be sent by email to contact@anualadearhitectura.ro, answers will be posted on the annual’s site)

- registration and submission deadline: November 3rd

- jury deliberations: November 17th – November 30th

- announcement of winner essay: December 3rd

- prize award: December 12th

a_ta is the most important architectural event in Timisoara, organized by the Timis branch of the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), with the financial support of OAR derived from architectural services tax. This year’s edition, themed present!, establishes as its scope to provoke to dialogue and to experiment with different types of interaction by means of cultural events and interventions unfolded on a 6 months timeline.
For more details about a_ta 2014, you can contact the organizing team by email on contact@anualadearhitectura.ro or onwww.anualadearhitectura.ro.