Anuala Timișoreană de Arhitectură – a_ta is the most important professional event organized by the Timiş branch of the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), with the financial support of OAR.

The project’s main objective is to distinguish and promote excellence in architecture and, in doing so, to highlight exemplary professional practices.

Even though a_ta addresses mainly the architectural profession, a major goal of the project is to attract the general public’s interest in quality architecture and to engage it in the architectural phenomenon, of which it is the ultimate beneficiary. To this purpose, the a_ta events have a public dimension – the exhibition, debates, workshops and conferences are open to everyone – and a formative one – by exposing the community to the values of quality architecture.

This year’s concept - present! - has this major goal as its starting point, thus generating a form of curating that highlights and at the same time questions different types of processes that take place as part of an architect’s path within context: the educational process, the process of buiding a practice, the relations with communities, the project, a discourse, etc.

We used the same type of process for the CONFERENCES - which represent a collection of different practice typologies, interesting  either becauseof their typical concept for building, because of the manner in which an architect might have chosento associate with others or with the community, or for their architectural discourse regarding the physical and theoretical background we are living within in the present.


ARCHITECTS ABOUT ARCHITECTURE is, in conclusion, a collection of different ways of understanding what architecture might mean in the present.


Before attending the conferences, we inviteyou to go over the profiles of our 8 lecturers:


21 november, hrs. 17:00

Unu La Unu – Bucharest

Fala atelier – Porto

Space Caviar – Genoa

DPR – Barcelona


22 november, hrs. 17:00

edit! – Prague

XML – Amsterdam

Raphael Zuber – Chur

die Baupiloten – Berlin