Waiting spaces is an interdisciplinary discourse melting art, architecture and urban culture into a series of artistic interventions in public spaces. Public spaces represent the connective infrastructure of a city; oftenly these are underperceived or even neglected. In today’s socio-political context, public spaces offer information about the city and its culture. We understand public space in an extended sense: from streets and central plazas to collateral spaces (peripheric districts, underused streets, abandoned industrial sites etc). Public space can also be defined by the way people perceive and experiment the city, which ultimately results in the social interaction of its inhabitants. Public spaces are and should be multi-dimensional destinations, offering a variety of experiences.

Waiting spaces I materialized in 2012. The project consisted in visiting and documenting a series of post-industrial sites in Timişoara, which were also used as a background for video documentaries, as suggestions, as a historical context or as metaphors for reflections on the present.

The interest shifted during Waiting spaces II towards the debate on how to take back an increasingly smaller and suffocating public space, by means of cultural actions (artistic installations, posters, performances etc).

This year’s edition is themed BUILDING-SITE CITY: it questions the changing relationship between individuals and public space, its limits and influence on everyday life. A building-site can also be understood as “the ongoing process of creating a literary, artistic or scientific work”.

Artistic interventions (installation, drawing, poster, video projection, sound, performance etc) included in Waiting spaces III aim to generate a speculative process reflecting on the issue of public space and resulting in a fresh perspective on its context.

Invited artists: Estefan Arnold + Anca Benera, Linda Barkasz, Dyslex, Ciprian Homorodean, Vasile Leac, Monotremu, , Nava Spatiala, Mircea Nicolae, Dan Perjovschi, Sergiu Sas, Miklos Szilard, Lavinia Urcan, TamTam.
More details on:http://waiting-spaces.simultan.org