The architectural field work practice competition is an open call for field work practice proposals destined for architectural students, which are covergent with this year’s annualtheme: present!. The objective is to facilitate students’ engagement with the professional body or the community where the practice will take place. We are thus interested in the practice’s value as a link between education and profession or as a means of inserting the students within the profession. “Education is vital in assuring sustainability and a high quality environment. In this scope, it is necessary to develop within communities the ability to understand architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism, as well as the processes of modelling our environment. These politics help to ensure a background of trust, a background in which citizens feel capable of efficiently engaging in he creation and managemnt of a high quality built environment”. (The politics for architecture in Romania 2010-2015)

The proposals should consider the following aspects: the professional body’s perspective on the event, how the event can relate to communities, the event’s educational value. Also, proposals should be practical and well-organized and should include a pre-established list of objectives and results.

The field work practice competition is part of a series of events dedicated to the education category of a_ta 2014, and its objective is to generate debates on the border between Education and Profession.


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