In follow-up of this year’s theme for a_ta 2014, present!,  POST-ARCHITECTURE ALTERNATIVES [CHRONICLES] is a compilation project, consisting of a collection of stories authored by architects who developed alternative means of existence within the community by orienting their curiosities, thoughts and their life towards remarcable activities.

Architects are invited to share their personal experiences related to alternative activities, also showcasing if and how architecture has influenced them. For this reason, the following line-up of questions has been addressed:

  • How would you introduce yourself to strangers?
  • What made you choose architecture as a profession?
  • How has architecture influenced you personal development?
  • How would you describe your alternative activity to people unfamiliar with it?
  • How has the transition from architecture to your alternative activity occured?
  • How do the two activities influence each other?
  • To what degree are you present in each of the activities?

The resulting chronicles will be published periodically on the internet, until the termination of a_ta 2014.